Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So Nails #5 is finally out, after three months of no money and other "real world" distractions.
Contains interviews with Eric Wood (Bastard Noise), the gentlemen of noise The Nihilist Spasm Band and a history/interview with dadaist punk weirdos the Cravats! Plus the usual reviews, rants and raves!

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Available at:
Stylus Clothes and Music (University Ave)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I usually don't like tooting my own horn, but this is pretty cool to me.So Nails #4 received a very righteous review by Layla Gibbon in the newest issue of Maximum Rock n' Roll. Also So Nails was in the top ten of the month, next to some really great zines like Distort, Modern Hate Vibe, Seven Inches to Freedom and the hilarious comic romp of Henry and Glenn Forever! For me, being reviewed so positively and next to so many well-written focused zines, it's sets a mark that I want to try and hit with every future issue. Plus, I've got a strong feeling of validation from this...So Nails is something that I try to put a lot of work and time into, so it's an honor to even be noticed, especially since So Nails (and zines in general) seem,to me at least, to be such a non-entity here in Honolulu.

SO NAILS#5 coming soon! Lots of interviews, features, rants and reviews plus some adjustments to the design and printing that will make it look just a bit sharper. Just need to get the funds to print it and mail it out. Also, I've already begun the preliminary stages of issue 6 and if I get all the interviews I wanna do, it should great issue.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the so nails blog

Still trying to figure this blog thing out, but here goes nothing. This shall be the new online web entity of So Nails fanzine. I'm assuming if you're here you've read the zine somehow. For those of you new comers. So Nails is a fanzine covering music,film,art,culture etc. Basic fanzine format, interiviews, reviews, rants etc. I'm mainly interested in freak sounds from the worlds of punk/hardcore,noise,free jazz,reggae,funk and the avant-garde. Trying to reach outside the normal scope of DIY-punk zines.

I also am developing a zine distro, mainly for the benefit of Hawaii which has nothing close to a zine scene. If you write a fanzine, perzine and would like your stuff to be read in Hawaii, please contact me.

In other news: Made more copies of So Nails#4. This one has interviews with bass&drum econo-blasphemy unit Roman Gabriel Todd's Beast Rising Out of the Sea, the graphic art duo FEEDING, and the mutant-hardcore label Fuck Yoga. Plus, a piece on punk hero and Hawaii raised local boy Lance Hahn of J-Church and and also, an article on the historic but currently decrepit Queen Theatre and it's one night as a DIY underground venue, as well as the crusade to save this Kaimuki landmark. Record reviews, photos and rants top it all off. If you'd like a copy, please comment or email me.

Have been working on articles and layout for issue five. Lots of interviews and rants so far.

Been looking for other blogs of zines and distros...if you know of any please point me in the right direction.